What are name servers?

Name servers are specialised servers on the internet which take care of queries from your personal digital devices, regarding the location of your domain names’ services.

Why are the name servers being changed?

SyncMyOffice has upgraded to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is faster and more secure. In order for all of our customers to benefit from this upgrade, we are required to migrate all the accounts from our current server to the VPS and change the name servers in order to ensure your services are fully functional on the VPS.

How long does it take for the name server changes to complete?

It only takes us a few minutes to change this on our end but can take up to 24 hours to propagate across the internet.

Will changing name servers have an effect on my website?

Not at all. Name server changes have no effect on content hosted for websites.

Does changing the web hosting server affect my SEO rating?

No, as name server changes take less than 24 hours to propagate, there is no negative impact on SEO ratings.

Why should I not update my website while the migration is taking place?

We are manually transferring stored data from our current server to the VPS. Any updates made during or after this period, but before the name server changes, will more than likely not display.

Does changing the web hosting server affect my mail?

If your email is setup using non-secure setup (No SSL/TLS) then this will not affect your mail. If you are using SSL/TLS you will be required to change your incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Do SSL certificates need to be reissued and reinstalled?

SSL certificates are domain-name-based, so there should be no need to get a new certificate as long as the hostname of the server will be the same after the move.

How do I access cPanel?


What are my new FTP settings?

Your ftp details should remain unchanged, however if you are seeking to configure these again, log in to cPanel and select “FTP Accounts” and select “Configure FTP Client” and either configure your FTP client manually using the settings provided or alternatively download the settings for the recommended FTP programs(Mac/PC).

Server settings after migration:

Server Name: vps.dnshoster.net

Server IP:

Name servers after migration:

Name Server: ns3.dnshoster.net

Server IP:

Name Server: ns4.dnshoster.net

Server IP:

The Email settings to setup a Secure SSL/TLS connection will change to:

Username:  (your email address goes here)

Password:   (your password goes here)

Incoming Mail Server: vps.dnshoster.net

If IMAP then use incoming Port: 993

If POP3 then use incoming Port: 995

Outgoing Mail Server: vps.dnshoster.net

SMTP Port: 465

Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP