Step 1:  Locating the setting to import the data file
Click on the File tab located on the top left within outlook.


Step 2:  Selecting the import option.
Click on open & Export option located in the left pane within outlook.


When seeing the above window click on “Import/Export”


Step 3: Importing the local pst data file.

Once you have clicked “Import/Explore” as in step 2 you should see the following window appear as per below and select “Import from another program or file” then click next.


After clicking next the following window shall appear:


Now select “Outlook Data File (.pst) then click next

After clicking next you should see the following window:

In this step, you can allow .Pst either overwrite any duplicates it might add within the mail, replace them or to not import any duplicates, clicking on “browse” you will then
specify where exactly your local .Pst is located so you can import it. Once you have located it, click next.

After clicking next it will ask where you’d like to import the pst, into the inbox of your current mailbox or if you’d like it to be in a specified folder. And click next, the import will then start.
Congratulations you have now imported a local .Pst!