The how to guide in setting up a new profile for Outlook


Step 1 : Locating your control panel

Click Start > Type in control panel (if using window 10 or 8/8.1)

If using Windows 7, Click Start > Usually in the right pane you should see control panel.


Step 2: Locating the Mail Application Settings within Control Panel

In some cases not all your features are shown when clicking control panel, simply change the “View By”
(located in the top right corner just below the “Search Control Panel” and change “Large/Medium icons” to “Small Icons”
This should now expand the features which you can now locate and click the application called “Mail”
Please see screenshot below:

Step 3: Setting up the profile

Once you have located the “Mail” application it should bring up the following box after clicking it:
Please see screenshot below:

Simply Click “Show Profiles” which should bring up the next window.
Please see screenshot below:

Step 4: Adding the new Profile

As per the previous screenshot Simply click the “Add” button.
Once you have clicked the add button it will prompt what you would like the Profile name to be, this can be anything of your choice.
After you have chosen the appropriate name for your profile simply click “OK”.
This will prompt you for the email address you’d like this profile to correspond with.
Type in all the relevant names such as your email address, username(also your email address)
as well as your password, NOTE: display name can be anything as it just how you can identify yourself within outlook when sending/receiving emails.
After the email has been set up, click “Finish”.
You have now set up the new profile, but we’re not done just yet.


Step 5: Setting up the new profile as default.

After the new profile has been added to the list, click “Always use this profile”, you should see a drop down just below the option as well, click it and select the new profile you just created.
See screenshot below:

Once you have select your new profile from the list, click apply.

You’re all set! You can now open outlook.