How to use the Office 365 Admin Portal

Step 1: Accessing the Admin Portal

In your browser type the following link:, you should come across the following page (see screenshot below)

Screenshot 1

Step 2: Logging into your account

After getting access to the Office 365 portal it is now time to login, in the email address box, type the admin users email address

you’d like to access as well as the password then clicking log in.


Step 3: The Admin Users Privileges.

Once logged in you should come across the following screen:

Screenshot 2

You will notice this screen is a bit different from the average user as this account is allowed to edit users passwords

create accounts as well as certain rules if desired, click the “Admin” icon to start making additional changes.


The above step should take you to the following screen:

Screenshot 3

Step 4: Adding Users:

In Step 3 screenshot 2, In the left pane click “Users” and then “Active Users”.

This will allow you to see all the users which are within your organization.


The below screenshot is the interface of adding users as well as if you want to change the password for the users, when adding a user, click the button “Add a user”

which will bring a window asking for relevant details about the new user.

Screenshot 4

The below screenshot is the interface when creating the user, you would specify the First Name, Last Name

Display name as well as the Username (The username is what the user would use to log into their mail account),

Now Select “Password”, this should bring up a window where you can either auto generate a password or create one yourself

(note that some dictionary words will get declined as it is considered weak passwords, usually passwords in Office365 have to have a minimum of 8 characters which include numbers and letters with 1 being capital as well)

In order for the user to receive mails it requires a license as this user will not be active, the minimum required license for a user is Exchange Online Plan 1

( this license is only for the mailbox, and does not include any Microsoft applications.)

Once you are done with the above, you can now click  “Add” which will then create the user for you.

Screenshot 5


Step 5: Changing Users Passwords.

This process is very similar to step 4.

You will once again click on “Users” then “Active Users”.

After the user list appears you will then click the desired user you’d like to change the password for.

Once you click the user you should see the above window appear within the Office365 Admin Portal, simply click “Reset Password”, it will give you the option to either generate a new password or create one of your own, You will also see a little tick box which stated “force user to change password on first login”, if you want a set password for the user untick this box, however if you’d like the user to change their password leave it ticked as they will have to change their password on their first login.