How to set up your domain type when you are using Postini (Exchange 2016).

Applicable to

All SyncMyOffice Hosted Exchange 2016 accounts.


You must have a SyncMyOffice Hosted Exchange account.


Postini requires its users to point their MX records towards it for spam filtering purposes. They then require their users to configure the actual MX records in their client interface. Once you’ve configured these records on the Postini side (see their knowledgebase for guides and explanations), follow the instructions below.

How to

1) Log into the Control Panel.

2) Click on Manage Domain, located in the Exchange section under Tasks.


3) Make sure the primary domain name is set to Authoritative.


4) If the primary domain name is not set to Authoritative, click on Edit and change it to Authoritative by using the dropdown menu.


5) Click on Save.


6) Wait for 15 to 30 minutes for the change to take effect.


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