How to set up an account on Android (Exchange 2016).

Applicable to

SyncMyOffice hosted Exchange 2016 account on


  • a SyncMyOffice Exchange 2016 account on

Account information

  • Server name:
  • Domain: your domain name
  • Username: your email address
  • Password: your email password

Note: These settings are as generic as we can make them. Since Android devices are varied and do not follow a unified method of setting up ActiveSync, please refer to your manufacturer’s setup guide for exact instructions.

How to

    1. Go to Menu.
    2. Go to Accounts & sync settings.
    3. Press on Add account.

Note: There are 2 possible sets of settings to use. If method A does not work, try method B.


I. Enter your email address in theEmail field, your password in the Password field and then press Next.

II. Enter S05\your_SAM_account_name in the DOMAIN\Username field. You can find your SAM account name in your Control Panel in the Contact Information section (ex:


I. Enter your email address in the Email field, your password in the Password field and leave the Domain field blank.

II. Enter your email address in the Username field.

And then,

  1. You can find your server address in your Control Panel in the User Information section (ex:
  2. Check the box Requires SSL and then press on Next.
  3. Press Automatic push.
  4. Choose how far back you want to sync in the Amount to synchronize field.
  5. Press on Next.
  6. In the Give this account a name field, you may give a screen name to your account (optional).
  7. Enter the name you wish recipients of your emails to see in the Your name field (displayed on outgoing messages).
  8. Press on Done


If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.