How to manage your anti-spam settings (Exchange 2010).

Applicable to

All SyncMyOffice hosted Exchange 2010 accounts.


  • a SyncMyOffice Exchange 2010 account

How to

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Click on Edit anti-spam options, located in the Spam filtering
  3. antispamuser1

  4. You can now enable 2 anti-spam engines: engine 1 is the default engine that everyone has already been using while engine 2 is a new engine. You are able to choose either: only engine 1, only engine 2 or use both engines
  5. antispamuser2

  6. Click on the small blue? button to open a pop up window that explains what the 6 filtering levels mean. You can also refer to the FAQ What the 6 spam filtering levels mean for an in depth description of what each level does.
  7. antispamuser4

  8. Use the sliders to assign the level(s) of your choice.
  9. antispamuser5

  10. In the Whitelist field, add an email address, a domain name or an IP address. Do the same for the Blacklist 
  11. antispamuser6

  12. Click on Save.

Note: Items in your Whitelist override items in your Blacklist. If is in both your Whitelist and your Blacklist, emails from will be delivered.

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