This guide explains how to enhance your Outlook 2013 overall experience by disabling Hardware Graphics Acceleration.

Applicable to

All SyncMyOffice hosted Exchange accounts


You must have a SyncMyOffice hosted Exchange account

Note: You may have experienced crash, slowness, blurred text and cursor hanging when running Outlook 2013 regardless it is installed on new or older computers. These issues have been reported by Microsoft as linked to a built-in enhancement introduced with Office 2013 and which is used to increase the program performance: Hardware Graphics Acceleration.
To solve the issues, it is recommended you disable the feature.

How to

  1. In Outlook 2013, open the options by clicking on File, then Options.
  2. graphic1

  3. Select theAdvanced tab in the Options and scroll down to the Display section. Check the Disable hardware graphics acceleration. Click on OK.
  4. graphic2


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