How to edit the hosts file in Windows XP, Vista and 7


A hosts file is a plain-text file used by your Mac or Windows computer to map hostnames (such as Autodiscover) to IP addresses and is useful when you are unable to modify or access your DNS control panel.

Important Note: The above steps are advanced and we recommend that only your local IT admin proceed with them. Please note that SyncMyOffice will not support issues related to the creation of a host record. We provide the following how-to for your convenience only.

How to

Note: This change is only valid for the machine in which the .hosts file has been edited.  If you have additional machines such at home or maybe a laptop, then you will need to repeat this process each time.

    1. Open the hosts file.

Go to the Start menu and choose Run. Copy and paste the following in the Run dialog box:C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

    1. Click the file called hosts.


    1. Click on Notepad.


  1. Edit and save the hosts 
  2. Type the lines like the following example below but replace ( with your primary domain address that you will use with SyncMyOffice.

For Exchange:   

For Sharepoint:   


    1. Your hosts file should look similar to the following screenshot:


  1. Close the hosts file and save it when prompted.

Undo the Hosts file change.

  1. Open the hosts file as described above.
  2. Delete the information that you added previously, then close and save the file.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.