This guide will show you how to configure Nokia’s Mail for Exchange 2010 with SyncMyMail.

Applicable to

All SyncMyMail 2010 hosted Exchange accounts.


  • a SyncMyMail 2010 hosted Exchange account
  • Mail for Exchange 2.07.000 or a later version

How to

  1. Click on the Mail for Exchange icon on your device and enter the following information:


Exchange Server:
Secure Connection: yes
Access Point: WLAN (if available) or your provider’s data server
Sync While Roaming: your choice
Use Default Port: yes

Your credentials:

Username: your SAM name

You have this information in your Control Panel (ex: under the header User Statistics.

Password: your Exchange Password
Domain: domain
Your content: leave blank
Synchronize calendar: your choice
Synchronize tasks: your choice
Synchronize contacts: your choice
Synchronize email: your choice
In case of conflict: Server Wins
Sync Schedule:
Peak Sync Schedule: your choice
Off-peak sync schedule: your choice
Peak start time: your choice
Peak end time: your choice
Peak days: your choice
Heartbeat interval: leave the default value provided

Note: Once you have completed these steps, you may adjust your calendar, tasks, contacts and email settings to your preference.