What is Office 365?

Office 365 refers to a subscription plan which include access to Office applications
as well as productivity services which are enabled over the Internet (Cloud Services).
Many Office 365 plans include desktop versions of the latest Office applications
which users can install across multiple platforms dependent on their Office365 plan which you will always have the most up-to-date versions of all the applications.


How to use Office 365 Online?
To access your mailbox online you can follow these 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Accessing the Office 365 Portal
In your browser type the following link: portal.office.com, you should come across the following page (see screenshot below)


Step 2: Logging into your account

After getting access to the Office 365 portal it is now time to login, in the email address box, type the desired email address you’d like to access as well as the password then clicking log in.


Step 3: Accessing your mail/Applications within Office 365

Dependant which plan you have your portal might be a bit different, below is what you would have if you have a business premium license, but in this case we will just be looking at accessing your mail Online.

You can now click “Mail” which has the outlook application symbol, this will redirect you to your mailbox.

You should come across the following screen:











You have now successfully logged into your mailbox online, you can now view all your emails online.