This guide contains the SharePoint configuration guide.

Applicable to

All SyncMyMail SharePoint accounts.


  • a SyncMyMail Sharepoint account

How to

Step 1: Accessing the SyncMyMail Control Panel

Admin Username:
Admin Password: your-password

Step 2: Creating your SharePoint site

You can log in to the SyncMyMail Account Manager and create your site. Please refer to this guide to set up your site.

Step 3: Creating the host record for your SharePoint site

Before you can access your SharePoint portal, you will need to create a new host entry in the DNS server that hosts your domain name. This new host, called ”sharepoint” or any name of your choice, needs to point to IP address assigned to your site. You’ll find your assigned IP address into your Control Panel.

Step 4: Creating users and adding content

Once your site is set up, you will need to log into it using the administrator email and password that you used during the initial creation. From there you can start adding users, creating permissions and adding content. For more information on how to create a user, please refer to this guide.

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