When you have both an Exchange email as well as  Office365 package on the same email can become abit confused as to which account it should add within your outlook on your mobile device.


Lets start with adding the Exchange account into Outlook on the mobile device:


As you can see below, the email account is detected as an Office365 account but in actual fact the email is still on Exchange even though this user does have his email address on Office365 which he only uses for the applications.



In this case we now click “Not Office365”, which should now give you the option below to “change account provider”



After clicking “change account provider” you should see this options below:



In this case we want to add the Exchange email account, Now click “Exchange” and fill in the below details as required:


Note: Settings may vary dependent on the Exchange your email address is hosted on.


And click sign in, and thats it your exchange email account should be added.